Here’s an eminently grabbable chance to catch the waspish comedian Tom Allen midway between his ten-year Edinburgh novitiate and a permanent seat on every Radio 4 panel show until radio is no more. Allen has already made his name on the circuit and his unique, laconic, gay-man-in-the-street (as long as it has a Marks) persona is finely honed.

He is so good at the improvised banter with the front-row audience he might have learned his craft at Dame Edna’s knee rather than in the National Youth Theatre but fortunately he’s emerged as a smart and individual voice. Check out his terrific podcast with Suzi Ruffell.

What isn’t new, though, is this show: it’s more or less exactly his one-hour Edinburgh set from 2017 and if I heard it right, he’s shifting his routine from mainly acerbic observation of the twilight world of suburbia to more visibly-rehearsed ranting in a louder voice. Makes the show a bit unbalanced, as well as being suggestive of Eddie Izzard.

He poses as a sharp tongue in a sharp suit: some of his glancing asides are as knowing as Larry Grayson’s, and deliver the same laughs – maybe there’s a future fronting a Saturday evening BBC game show, but in some ways I hope not.  He’s such a good observational comedian,  I’d like to see him develop as much as a writer as as a talking head.

He weaves a good story, though, and nothing he does is less than perfectly enunciated and intelligently compacted – unlike a lot of fringe standups, he doesn’t waste words – and the connection between what happens at an after-school birthday party to his experience as ‘second token gay’ on a hen weekend is masterly.

Highly recommended.

If you didn’t see it in Edinburgh.

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