The Naked Magicians were a big hit in Edinburgh but have stretched their things to two hours for a three week run at Trafalgar Studios. Their Edinburgh publicity suggested they worked fully nude, but it’s something of a swizz that it’s ‘barely’ even for the last minute of the show.

A guest comedian does a warm-up set followed by an interval so you could technically arrive at 8.45 just for the Australian boys.  We had Maureen Younger, a veteran MC of the comedy circuit I’m disappointed not to have seen before because she handled the audience brilliantly, and delivered some cracking jokes.

The evening is all about delayed satisfaction and when the magicians Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne arrive, fully clothed, their act is glossed with a lot of interactive banter with audience participants.  Both the banter, pitched at a hen night level, and the magical illusions are quite predictable.

There’s also clearly a ‘fashion’ in magic because I’d seen their two ‘big tricks’ – the smashing of cellphones in numbered envelopes, and the one where everyone in the audience rips four randomly shuffled pieces of paper – done just as slickly by Colin Cloud and Ben Hanlin in their shows.

So come for the cock by all means, but you have to accept there’s a fair amount of bull too.


until 24 September.