Guest reviewer: breathless girl scout reporter Gloria Trubshaw


Plays for poor theatre: in Brexit Britain, once we’re reduced to eating rats whilst clutching our blue passports, a Shakespeare mashup may seem like a doubly good idea – patriotic and economical. Like May’s Brexit, Othellomacbeth still needs a bit of work.

For a start, I’d secretly hoped they might try to combine the plays – intertextualism or a Shakespeare universe crossover for Whovian millenials. Desdemona as Banquo’s Ghost giving us Macthello. They didn’t of course.  Kirsten Foster played the Moor’s doomed lover in full Violet Elizabeth Bott mode, which only modulates slightly when she takes over as a witch in act II, whilst Ery Nzaramba, at first a breezy, sexy, insouciant Othello morphs into something out of Scooby Doo as Banquo’s Ghost.

Compacting the plays into two hours means sacrifices – character development in Othello and the delicious slow brew of violence into insanity in the Scottish Play are both casualties.  In exchange, we get a lot of messaging – not always a bad thing – and the killings of Desdemona and Emilia make rich pickings for the #MeToo age. But sometimes, as in Anjana Hanson’s Oh Sister, sung in feminist anthem leading into the segue between the two works, it’s as subtle as Harvey Weinstein falling on a starlet, semi first.

There are some definite highs: the entr’acte and witches are atmospherically staged, and escape some of the me-too of a different sort that threatens to overwhelm elsewhere. Tonight’s Shouting Shakespeare Award goes to Sandy Grierson for both Cassio and Macbeth – energetic but unhinged.

There’s a definite lift towards the end of act I – not just because director Jude Christian gutted the best lines but because of Caroline Faber’s Lady Macbeth reimagined as Rizzo in Grease, an all-round good time girl who gets things done.

I love a BOGOF as much as anyone, but in the Brexit bonanza, will Othellomacbeth feel too much like shrinkflation?

And I fear we may need a bit more nourishment than this breezy and at times bold Venetian fritto misto with a side of neeps and tatties can offer.

Additional research by Mike Clarke

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