It is such a good idea to make a singing Hitler develop a Vegas lounge career as ‘Frank Sanazi’ with a coterie of ‘Iraq Pack’ dictators as his support acts – just a pity that the executions aren’t as thorough as at Nuremberg.


Frank’s own material is good enough – the lyrics of ‘That’s Life’ well-adapted to ‘Third Reich’ – he’s quick witted and combines topical gags with the audience interplay of a long-time comedian like Eric Morecambe or Tommy Cooper.  A loyal returning crowd was willing him on but there’s a certain unease about his performance, and the repeated plastering of his forelock with a damp palm may mean he now needs a stage wig to carry off the look.

He also needs a bigger and stronger supporting cast – the ‘Iraq Pack’ includes Osama-Bing-Crosby,  Saddammy Davis Junior and Dean Stalin: craftily created but thinly spread when all played by the same actor in too-rapid succession, and weakened by the fact the only voice he could only ‘do’ with a degree of accuracy was the drunken Dean Martin.  His best impersonation was ‘Spliff Richard’ with a scurrilous take on ‘The Young Ones’, but any connection between Cliff and the Vegas headliners of the 1940s was lost on me.

There’s also a brief sketch with a frankly terrible Marlene Dietrich – possibly only a filler, but wholly inadequate if only because Marlene was neither a brunette nor a stripper.

For sure, Hitler should come back.  And not just to dinners for far-right political parties who mistakenly invite this ironic act.

Maybe it’s inappropriate to tell Adolf to chill, but a less frantic performance with a couple more cast would help the audience relax more too.