Guest reviewer: David Lloyd-Davies, a real live doctor.

Hoping to contribute to the ‘conversation’ about death in a time of rapid medical advancement, Jon Spooner and Chris Thorpe’s Am I Dead Yet? will leave you asking yourself the same question.

Opening with Spooner and Thorpe lip synching inexplicably in their underwear, the performance is then split into two storylines which are delivered so tediously as to need more than a defibrillator to get them going. These trite tales do nothing to convey the important messages and deep emotions alluded to in the lengthy programme handed out at the beginning.

Storylines are interspersed with songs that were incomprehensible due to poor sound balancing but the performers seemed to enjoy them as they fired in-jokes at each other across the stage.

Light relief is provided in the form of a London Ambulance Service paramedic who delivers a two-minute CPR demonstration with more comedy than the other 58 minutes of the show.

The stated aims of this piece are worthy but are totally lost amongst the sloppy timing and technical mishaps of a badly-constructed performance that should be left in a theatrical purgatory.

Do not resuscitate.

until 18 November