I wonder if blogs are like new diaries, or New Year resolutions – to be buffed and polished and pored over for the first days of the year, and then left to gather dust.

The major question I’m expecting from Gentle Reader (oh and I so wonder what you’re like) is Why? and Why Now?

Why Now? is comparatively easy because it’s answered by time on my hands … as it’s now been about a calendar year since I escaped from full-time employment, I should really be “getting round” to things like sorting out my spare bedroom and, eventually, my life. One thing at a time. The spare bedroom’s now comparatively tidy but the content of the twenty or so boxes bags and bin-liners I shoved in its cupboards are probably metaphors for my mental baggage.

Two new year’s resolutions already achieved – 1. I have successfully sold stuff on eBay and 2. For the first time in a fairly busy adult life, I’ve been to the clinic. Yes, that clinic. And everything was fine thank you for asking, although it was a bit like “Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been 33 years since my last confession.”

And ironically enough the nurse did have to continue her notes on the back side of the paper.